Klorane – Mango Butter | Natural Beauty

Hello nice people! ♡

Today I bring you a review that has a few months and although I no longer use these products I decided to publish it anyway, because I thought it might be useful to someone.

These three products, shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, are all of the same line, Mango Butter by Klorane!

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Yet another trip!!

Hello nice people! 

Here I am preparing everything to go to Italy again. This time Milan!!
I’m very excited obviously but since I’m going only with a carry-on it’s been very tricky managing to put everything I need want to take with me inside this small bag!!
However I think I’m doing well!

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La Sardina! Lomography!


Hello hello!!
As you can see I’ve got a new camera! A very special one!
Yesterday I bought a Lomography camera, this model is called La Sardina, Capri edition.
If you don’t know nothing about lomography I will leave here some links you may want to check, but basically this cameras are analog and have very particular characteristics.
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Verona, la città di Giulietta | Trip Diaries

Hello again :)

Like I said in my last post, recently I’ve been in Italy. I’m sure you all have heard about Romeo and Juliet, right? Their love story took place in Verona and was one of the cities I’ve been.
Lovely city!

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Hello Again!!!

Hey everybody, it’s been a long long time since my last post. Over a year now!!

Well this last year I worked a lot during the day and took classes at night.
My course went very well, I am now an Art Director, in publicity. Which it’s really cool.
I am no longer working at Stefanel, I left last September. I don’t miss the job but I really miss my colleagues. Some of them I became really good friends. I miss talk to them everyday, all day :D

But… what now? Did I just came back?!
Well… that’s right. This past year I had absolutly no time to do the stuff I enjoy and I decided that I didn’t want it to be like this no more. So I reviewed my priorities and make some changes.

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So so busy!!

Hello everyone!

It has been a busy busy busy summer!
Let’s not talk about the schedule I couldn’t keep up with… it has been a couple of months busier than I thought.
But not all is bad news!!

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Stuff is getting done!

Hello guys!
Who has been enjoying the hot summer days?? Not me!!
I’ve been at work everyday.. buuh! Calling people on the phone, asking them if they want to buy books!
Well, but besides that I have some news!!

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Shine bright, oh sun! | Outfit

Hola!!! :)

Today I have an outfit to show you! It’s some new pieces and you can see my new haircut!
Do you like it??

The sun was very very bright and was hard to me to open my with without sunglasses.
Hope you enjoy it!!

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