My Videos!

Some of you might know that I make youtube videos but other maybe don’t! Yes that’s right! I make youtube videos!
My youtube channel is Stylish Rogue Vlogs.

I’m in the beggining and I just started building my audience.
It would be very cool if you could check my channel and subscribe :)


I created the channel as an extention of this blog but I want it to be more like equal partners. So, most of the time the posts and the videos are related but not always.
But the general theme of the blog and channel are the same: my interests.

I leave you here some suggestions you might want to see.
These are my latest videos:


Winter Sales Haul

blog2 blog1

So I hope you like my videos just as much as my blog (or even more)
And I would love to hear your opinion on them :)




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